Who we are

We are a leading provider of business intelligence for the legal and intellectual property markets.

Through our market-leading insight, we inform and connect a highly engaged community of over 350,000 legal and intellectual property professionals worldwide.

With more than 150 dedicated staff over three continents, we produce high-quality subscription products, intuitive platforms and engaging events for our international client base.

What we do

We produce vital commercial intelligence for global audiences, providing timely, granular and actionable insight which our clients trust to inform their decision making.

Our advanced business intelligence solutions and networking opportunities inform and engage our audiences and enable our clients to connect to their customers.

Our services

Why Globe Business Media Group?

We have a clear strategy to inform our clients’ decision making and help them to grow by connecting them with their customers. We succeed because we definitively understand the markets in which we operate and are constantly developing high-quality, innovative products.

  • Our people

    Our people

    Our people develop our world-class products and build our market-leading intelligence platforms. They are our greatest asset and we continually invest in our teams to ensure that clients receive superior value and service.

  • Commitment to product quality

    Commitment to product quality

    Our brands are widely regarded as the highest-quality products in the sectors we serve. We are trusted to deliver the most comprehensive insight and analysis available in the market.

  • Market understanding

    Market understanding

    Over a 20-year period, Globe Business Media Group has operated exclusively in the legal and intellectual property markets and has become an integral part of the communities it serves. Our large team of analysts, researchers and industry commentators is dedicated to providing the most crucial business intelligence.

  • Customer focus

    Customer focus

    We are a wholly owned, private business with an investment strategy to build a world-class product portfolio. We answer only to our customers; we are committed to putting our customers’ needs first and progressing their businesses.

  • Innovative development

    Innovative development

    Innovation is at the core of everything we do to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly monitoring client requirements and market developments to deliver the latest advances in products and services. We have led the market in the sectors we serve for over two decades by always providing the most innovative solutions.

Our history

  • 1996

    Globe Business Media Group was founded with the launch of LawCareers.Net and the International Law Office with an emphasis on producing world-class digital products

  • 2001

    World Trademark Review launched – the only intelligence service dedicated to reporting on trademark issues for in-house and private practitioners globally

  • 2003

    IAM launched – the world’s leading IP business platform, with unique appeal to the boardroom

  • 2004

    Launched All Hires; leading edge Legal Talent Management Software solution.

  • 2007

    Lexology launched – the world’s largest online source of legal intelligence

  • 2008

    IP Business Congress launched – now a full suite of global and regional events

  • 2012

    Expansion into Asian markets with the opening of our Hong Kong office

  • 2017

    Delivered strategic objective to have 65% of revenues made up of digital products

Our values

Our values underpin our growth and success, making us a highly trusted resource to which our customers keep returning.

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  • Customer-centric

    Our products aim to inform our customers’ business decisions and promote their success. We stay in constant touch with them, collect and implement feedback regularly, and introduce new functionalities to satisfy the market’s evolving needs.

  • High quality

    As a wholly owned, private business, we answer only to our customers and are committed to providing them with best-in-class intelligence and insight. Rigorous research and fact-checking guarantee the accuracy of all our communications.

  • Innovative

    Intelligence is continually evolving, and so are our information and networking resources. For 20 years we have led the market by developing and implementing the latest technologies in the industry.

  • Collaborative

    Our three divisions and their team members operate collaboratively to offer a comprehensive product line, serving as a single source for customers to gain the best insight and make the most valuable connections.

  • Passionate

    Passion comes from within and it is the make-up of Globe Business Media Group that keeps us ahead – we are driven by a rare commitment to the pursuit of excellence.


Management team

Corporate social responsibility

At Globe Business Media Group, our aim is to build a long-term, successful business. We place great emphasis on looking after the well-being of our customers, our people, our partners and the environment and communities in which we work and live.

  • Investing in our people

    We strive to foster a culture that encourages our people to fulfil their full potential and supports their continued improvement in all that they do, enabling us to achieve greater success together.

  • Charity and community initiatives

    We support a diverse range of company and employee-led charity and community initiatives. All staff are encouraged to propose charitable initiatives and engage in a regular calendar of charitable activities.

  • Sustainability

    Globe Business Media Group has a strategic approach to minimise its impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by recycling, limiting waste and conserving energy. We buy Fairtrade products and recycled stationery for office use.