Product news  •  12 Apr 2018

LawCareers.Net works with careers advisers to help students into law

On Thursday 5 April LawCareers.Net hosted careers advisers from universities across the country to explore the various issues that make embarking on a career in law different to starting out in other professions.

The event covered a range of topics including why law is different, how the application process works for law firms, the brutal reality of applying, practical advice for students, the new ‘super exam’ that all solicitors will have to pass in order to qualify (the SQE), and how LCN can help in all these aspects of a career in law.

We were delighted to welcome Alison Peyton from our diversity partner, Aspiring Solicitors, to give her take on where students are being let down in applications from her many years’ experience at a large City firm. Alison was then joined by Boodle Hatfield recruiter Jenny Andrews for a panel discussion about the differences between firms, where both spoke about exactly what they are looking for in candidates.

The event was live-tweeted using #LCNcareersadvisers. For more details on what was covered in the session, LCN’s senior editor and panel moderator Josh has posted an in-depth summary on LinkedIn.